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Glossary of Terms and Description

Audio Services
- refers to the rental of audio equipment whether for a large function or a small function this may include operators for the equipment of djs.

- A banner is a flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. We offer a wide range of banners in various sizes, colours and material. The usage of banners may vary based on application, banners can be hung from a pole, a wall, fence etc.

Banner Stands
- A Banner stand is another way of hanging or displaying banners. Banner stands are light weight, very portable and normally fold up in a neat carrying cases for easy storage.

- A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. Bulletins are the largest, most impactful standard-size billboards. Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal arterials, they command high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic). Bulletins afford greatest visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative "customizing" through extensions and embellishments. Billboards are a great place to advertise business because rather than you having to find your customers, your customers will find your advertising.

Branding Solutions
- This service include the usage a various objects to show your brand at various events. These objects may include feather banners, pole signs, lighted signs, boothes to name a few.

- A brochure or pamphlet is a leaflet advertisement. Brochures may advertise locations, events, hotels, products, services, etc.

Building and Object Wrapping
- Wrapping means the partial or complete covering of a surface with specially made vinyl to display a full colour print or advertisment. This can be applied to almost any object including building surfaces, vehicles, floor, walls etc. Digitally printed in full color and high resolution!

Cnc Router
- A cnc router uses computer and precision technology to cut computer generated shape from block of wood or metal. This allows the ability to do tedious tasks such a channel lettering and other similar task very easy

Cut Vinyl ( Plot )
- Cut Vinyl is the process by which a machine called a plotter uses a sharp edge to cut lines in a roll of vinyl. The result can be use to do vehicle grahpics, signs, door lettering - opening hours to name a few.

Directional Signs
- Directional signs and systems are used to help people navigate their way around unfamiliar environments. These signs welcome, orient and guide visitors within unfamiliar places, which could be an office building, a bank, a supermarket, or a stadium.

Email Marketing / Email Blasts.
- E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer to sending e-mails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Feather Banners
- Feather Banners ( Flag Banner ) are great for indoor and outdoor use and can be used individually or in a cluster. Feather banner uses a fabric and a pole system that can be folded in a neat carrying case for portability and storage. The size of these banners ranges from 10ft to 18ft. These are highly visible if you want to get noticed from a distance. Digitally printed in full color and high resolution!

Floor Graphics ( Floor Advertisment )
- Floor grahic decals can increase sales by as much as 25-30%. This way of advertising can be used to supplement other forms of signage to provide a complete advertising package. Custom contour cut to any shape floor graphic. Digitally printed in full color and high resolution!

Graphic Design
- Also known as visual design, graphic design refers to the visual communication of information using elements such as color, images, typography and layout.

Indoor Displays
- Indoor displays deals with a variety of items that can be used for indoors. Feather banners , Hanging banners, X-Banner Stand, L-Banner Stands, Roll Up Banners Stands, Pop Up Displays, Pop Up Tables, Back drops to name a few.

Internet Services
- This deals with all services that fall under the internet umbrella - email hosting, website creation, website hosting, web programing, newsletter creation to name a few.

Lighted Signs
- A lighted sign gives high visibilty to your sign especially in the night or poorly lit areas. Lighted signs also had a very rich colour depth especially if it was digitally printed and can be seen from great distances over a non lit sign.

Logo Design
- A logo; name, symbol, or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity. We can design you logo based on your requirements.

Magnetic Signs
- Magnetic signs can cling to any metal surface and be removed easily. Magnetic signs can be used on vehicles as a temporary alternative to permanently branding the vehicle. Tranform to vehicle to an advertising billboard during work hours and remove a the end of the work day. Digitally printed in full color and high resolution!

Meechandising Solutions
- Merchandising solution or retails display solution mean any display that convinces the consumer to pick up your product over your competitors product. These include: - Header Boards, shelf dividers, shelf talkers, shelf extenders, sign holders, literature holders, shelf-edge labeling systems, display hardware and components, ceiling display systems, banner hangers.

Metal Signs
- Metal signs include all signed that we make that uses metal as its man support. These include Pole signs, A signs, Hanging signs etc.

Newsletter Hosting
- Engage all your clients on a weekly or monthly basis. We have the abilty to create and host your newsletter or product updates and send these to your clients at your request. This will ensure that your clients know about your new products, sale items, closure or even increase in prices. This can drive new business and increase sales.

Email List Hosting
- Collect all your clients emails, we can host them for you with our state of the art mailing list application we can send all emails for you from our email server.

Outdoor Advertising
- Any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's products and services. Types of outdoor advertising include billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location.

Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas. While billboards, bus benches, and transit advertising can be very effective for the small-business owner, any successful outdoor campaign begins with your own location's signage.

Your outdoor sign is often the first thing a potential customer sees. Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention (without being garish) and sufficiently informative to let prospective customers know what's sold there.

If you're involved in a business that has a fleet of vehicles conducting deliveries or providing a service, your company's name, logo, and phone number should be clearly visible on the vehicles. It's free advertising that allows you to increase your exposure in your market.

Pop Up Displays
- These display allows for the easy (pop up) setup of a booth in less than 10mins. At your next tradeshow, draw attention to your company with convenient pop-up displays. The backdrop will have a digitally printed image in full color and high resolution. The carrying case can be used as a table top display also.

- A poster is a printed graphic on a piece of paper... we take a bit further we can have you poster mounted to foam core / board , pvc, gator board etc. We can cut you poster in custom shapes or have it stading on its own as a free form object.

Pylon (Pole) Signs
- Pole sign are signs that are normally mounted on a single pole or multiple poles. We can have your sign lighted if necessary. Pole signs are highly visible as they normally elevate up to 12 feet in height.

Trade Show Displays
- These display allows for the easy (pop up) setup of a booth in less than 10mins. At your next tradeshow, draw attention to your company with convenient pop-up displays. The backdrop will have a digitally printed image in full color and high resolution. The carrying case can be used as a table top display also.

- This is simiar to a billboard, however the faces rotate to show a different advertisment for a short time. This has three faces as indication the in the "Tri" , so basically the media shares 3 advertisment at a time.

Vehicle Graphics
- vehicle graphics is the application of any print vinyl or cut vinyl to the surface of a vehicle.

Vehicle Wrapping
- vehicle wrapping is the process of totally or partially wrapping any vehicle with high quality digital print graphics for show or advertisment. This medium will guarantee your business maximum exposure as it in not only eye-catching but also very informative. Your ad goes everywhere!

Wall Graphics
- wall graphics is the application of any print vinyl or cut vinyl to the surface of a wall. Instead of leaving that wall bare, where indoor or outdoor. Advertise!
gain maximum exposure with eye catching graphics.

Web Hosting
- Web hosting services allows the hosting of websites. Our server is equipped with Mysql, PHP and Apache Web Server.

Website Creation
- the process of creating a website. Website packages with vary contact us for pricing.

Window Graphics
- window graphics uses a perforated vinyl that acts like a tint, if you are inside you will see outside clearly while outsiders will not be able to see inside. Window graphics uses a high quality digital print. Display you products and services on your store front. Window graphics is highly visible and very attractive!